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I think am satisfied with the answer provided mine exhibited same symptoms mentioned here but i thank God its back to normal
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Ulcer Feeding structure and good stomach health in the sows Structure in the sow feed is important for the sake of stomach health.Lack of structure in the feed causes changes in the stomach and in the worst case, this can lead to deaths by the sows.1. Feeding strategy against gastric ulcer* gilts : Restrictive feeding produces fewer ulcers than ad libitum feeding with pelleted feed* Pregnant sows: ...
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Gestation sows ...not wanting to eat sometime especially just before farrow can be seen time in time. apart from the aforementioned, also try to engage her working her around the pen.
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Does the sow have a fever? Is the sow constipated or is she still having normal stools? If she eats within the next 12 hours there may be no problem. Often lack of intake in gestation is symptomatic that the sow may be aborting the litter. Hopefully she will eat again soon and the litter will be ok. Is the sow drinking water?
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Introduction An ideal technique for the measurement of body growth and composition in livestock animals is noninvasive, non-destructive, accurate, easy to perform and applicable to a wide range of ages and body weights (Ferrell & Cornelius, 1984). Non-invasive, also known as non-destructive, techniques allow tissue changes in the same animal to be followed to study development over different ...
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Mortality in NRYE 2 group higher then in NRYE1 group?
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David Revilla, DVM from Liptosa Sales Department, talks about the use of Liptosafe® in poultry farming
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Thanks. Have a good Week End. Marcus.
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How comes that 13 piglets were euthanized on day 21 p.p while 8x3 (24 in total) piglet's intestinal organs were checked for the presence of "Toll-Like Receptors" ? Shmuel Marcus.
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