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Is there any complication if a vaccinated flock with Paracox consume anti coccidia medicated feed!
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Quality water availability also contribute much on gut health.
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Thanks for very nice informative article.It highlights me more on challengesas on early 2000`s ifaced on COBB 500 in Tanzania.I had to visit supplier and some farmers in Harare Zimbabwe for comparison where i realised the enviromental contribution on genetic performance can not be neglected.Thank you for this discussion.
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Good article about the use of antibiotic in animal nutrition.This remind us those in Veterinary medicine and in animal production to insist adherence on the withdrawal period,biosecurity and avoid of drug abuse.
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I once challenged with SDS in 2003.The bore hole water which was some how salty was the big reason.When i changed to non salty water ,adjusted lysine and methionine level the problem dissapeared.It was a great achieve since before i lost great number of broiler parents.
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