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Valerij Kryukov, I understand that with your proposed evaluations, the objective to be achieved would be to prove the effective action of phytases in the hydrolysis of phytate, which was not the intention of this study. As for the dosage question, we used 2000 FTU / Kg based on a study available in the literature, where the authors found a linear effect of phytase concentration up to 2000 FTU / Kg ...
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Dr Kryukov, I do not intend to dispute the issue, but in my understanding we have two main focuses in research, namely, basic and applied. I realize, from your considerations, that your vision is the advancement of science by science, generating basic information, without concern for the applied character of the research. . I respect your opinions, but I do not agree with all of them because I und ...
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There is a stable form of vitamin C for feeds. A phosphorylated form - example: "Stay C 35".
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Introduction L-carnitine (LC), a naturally occurring and widely distributed in nature compound was discovered in 1905 by Gulewitsch and Krimberg [1]. For the last 50 years this nutrient has received a substantial attention from medical sciences and poultry and pig nutritionists. Main dietary sources of carnitine in poultry/animal nutrition are animal-derived feed ingredients while grains and thei ...
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A very good point of about the use of Antibiotics in Veterinary Medicine. This sort of understanding of the problem of antibiotic resistance needs to be presented to many veterinarians, doctors, and laypersons.
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SummaryConcern about the quality of pork fat has increased in the United States over the last decade, largely because of the increased availability and use of dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) in swine diets. The iodine value (IV) of pork fat is commonly used as an indicator of quality. To identify the factors associated with carcass fat IV, meta-analyses were conduc ...
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I have some experience with research on milk supplementation provided to suckling pigs. You can find useful data on this topic in the Journal of Animal Science - Azain et al., 1996 and in an abstract from the Midwest ASAS meetings in 2006 - Bergstrom et al., abstract #159. Data and experience indicate that the new systems for delivery work, but require excellent management (e.g. - sanitation/hygie ...
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