Dr.Mobinur Islam
M.V.Sc (Poultry Science)
Shalimar Hatcheries Limited (Working as Technical services in the field of Broiler poultry integration in different areas of West Bengal for last 10 years.)
M.V.Sc (Poultry Science)
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Justin Fowler (University of Georgia) discussed his research on butyric acid and its protective effect against necrotic enteritis, while also comparing two applications (water and feed), during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
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Diffuse haemmorhage might be NE
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Diffused Necrosis of Liver
On the album: Clinical issues
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Strategies to Alleviate the Incidence of Ascites in Broilers are 1. Higher level of Vitamin C, Vitamin E & Se ( 500ppm VitC) 2. Addition of Sodium bicarbonate 1% 3. Addition of 0.2% Aspirin 4. Feed Restriction
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in that case Toxol can be used
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good well defined vaccination, Water sanitation, bio security would be implemented Mobinur
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August 21, 2010
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