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MVSc, Ph.D, Post Doct INRA SRA France
'GROWTH CONSULTANTS" for Breeders BANGALORE, India +91 9886002014 SASSO Country Manager India. Sasso breeding operations at Ayilas Farms, Coimbatore for supply of sasso coloured broiler products.
MVSc, Ph.D, Post Doct INRA SRA France
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Some commercial broiler hatcheries in India do not have cool room egg holding facilities and pre warming facilities.They order and receive hatching eggs from remote areas involving long travel hours in trains and road transport. These are multi stage incubation practices. They receive the eggs, unpack them from the boxes, keep them in trays in a room adjacent to setter room where they transfer the ...
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Dr. Is mat, Pl inform the products sold as GEL. yes. water melon or cucumber pieces can be used but gel would be more hygienic option. Thanks for the information.
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Pl provide me some information about the products which can be used to protect day old chicks from dehydration during transit in the hot climate. Dr. S. P. Ganpule. Growth consultants and Sasso Country Manager India
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