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2 mm crumb for pre starter 2.5 mm crumb for starter or 3 mm pellet 3 mm pellet for finisher Proper conditoning of 90 sec Standard parameter for ME, protien Avl P , lysine , methionine M+C Get 2000 g in 35 days With FCR of 1.45— 1.5 Regards
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Dr. Wicker. Good day!Can you recommend an ammonia sensors you have tried and used, if possible the brand?Likewise, what is your take or comment on the use of Gastec Ammonia Dosimeter tubes in lieu of the sensors you have used, the tubes are handy and cost at lot less?Thank you and kind regards,Andy Tuazon, DVM
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Ammonia levels are problem in modern poultry houses with South or North American or European production methods. Ammonia can be controlled with very low stocking densities and/ or high ventilation rates and deep litter, however it will difficult to make a profit. Thus Dr. Czarick’s work on continuous detection of ammonia is very important. Our goals are for 10 ppm of ammonia. This level is a ...
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Good day I brought 150 day old chicks and noticed crd, please could they have been infected during hatchery or in transit ? Thanks.
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