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Farm and industry consulting about nutrition and management for cattle and pigs.
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
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In recent years, adjustments to the production costs in the dairy industry becomes crucial in light of current circumstances. There has been a continuous reduction in profit margins and increasing instability in this industry. Each stage in the production process requires maximum efficiency from both professional and economic points of view. The calf rearing stage is an integral part of the dairy ...
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More than 85-90% of the forage’s fiber could be degraded in a well working rumen.The forage fiber characteristics represent the key point to improve feed efficiency, considering their effects on diet digestibility, dry matter intake and ruminal fermentation pattern control.The fiber “entity”The original neutral detergent fiber (NDF) determination changed during the time; up to da ...
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Luiz Ferraretto (University of Florida) explained the importance of fiber and starch digestibility among other topics, during AMENA 2019 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
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Introduction The incidence of lameness is so high in many dairy herds that treatment of all lame cows is not feasible (Horseman et al., 2013). Because soft barn flooring may alleviate the problem of claw horn lesions, we conducted a study to measure the ground reaction forces and pressure distribution in claws on 4 different surfaces.   Materials and Methods Using a force plate and a pre ...
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Interesting article
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Very interesting. I think that its important to stimulate feed intake, especially during transition. I think that metabolic control (ex. insulin) of feed intake is more important that we believe in the past.
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Very interesting. Recent studies confirm that comfort is the most important limiting factor for lactating cows, especially in the first 60 days post-partum.
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