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In laying & Pullet birds stage LPAI vaccination schedule followed by after 30 days then again Revaccination or booster vaccine after 30-40 days from 1st Vaccination. Then again vaccination need after 5 months.
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To Control QX Infection must be followed vaccination schedule : ? Initial vaccination at 1 day of age with a live Massachusetts type of vaccine ( IB Ma5) followed by revaccination at 14 days of age with a live vaccine of the 4/91 type. ? 9-13 wks age again revaccination 4/91 type.
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Dr Charles Ibe Yes,,, Thanks sir
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I am from Bangladesh... I shared my real farm experience to controlling FC1. Schedule wise FC vaccination (8-9 wks 1st vaccine & then booster vaccine 13-14 wks age)2. Maintain strict biosecurity management in farm3. Water sanitizer blenching use to purify or sterilizing water4. Organic Acid use in water for control FC bacterium. 5. Garlic Extract use in water & feed Sometimes. 6. Litter ma ...
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Good information. But this product available in my country Bangladesh???
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Dexter Abrigo Thanks sir
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Dear sir Dexter Abrigo I am from Bangladesh Nice presentation & more informative. But this product is available in Bangladesh(Feed grade or water use)????
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Footpad dermatitis is a serious problem in laying birds specially. In my practical experience only I see this problem in laying birds, not common in broiler birds. There are various cause responsible to footpad dermatitis - * E.Coli & Staphylococcus spp infection * Unconsciousness management of litter & Using litter mainly Swa dust * Wet litter & High Amonia gas present in shed * Also most common ...
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Infectious bronchitis live vaccine is given recommended right or wrong at the stage of laying birds(Age 25 wks above any situation). Have any harmful effects on egg production????
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Dear, I come from Bangladesh. Actually prolapse is a very serious problem in laying birds. It's mainly a management problem. I mean & my practical experience that this problem creates from day old chicks if the lighting management disrupted. Mostly common prolapse cause is lighting intensity management. Others cause includes- * Overweight * Calcium & vitamins deficiency * Genetic cause* Fe ...
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