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As global animal production has rapidly shifted towards reduced Antibiotic free, “Gut health” has become a popular expression and all-encompassing concept in the scientific community. The gastro-intestinal tract must provide a barrier function protecting against harmful environmental elements (e.g. toxins and pathogenic microbes), while simultaneously permitting appropriate nutrient ab ...
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This paper will really contribute to the knowledge and skills of poultry production. Thanks for sharing with us. Kind regards!
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Dear Nima Eila,I really apologize for my delayed reply. Yes, the diet was mainly corn-soy based (35%, corn and 28,7% of SBM 48% CP); but rapeseed meal, sunflower meal (4% each) and some peas and wheat were included as well. You are right the quality of soy is one of deciding factor, and unfortunately there are high differences first between the varieties and further differences depending on the he ...
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Hi Dear Ana: As all know one of the layer problem that may be encountered in heat stress and tropical condition is fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome and because of choline effect on lipid as lipotropic agent, increasing the amount of it in feed whit other lipotropic and hepatoprotector is recommend. the question is that has betaine this effect as lipotropic substance and can it be used in this cond ...
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I have 100birds of broiler chicks expected to arrive today, I have formulated my feed that is expected to carry them for two weeks. I added 6% of blood meal to the quantity. Hopefully after two weeks I will return here to give my report.
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I'm currently writing a review on blood meal. O was fortunate to find this article, but I couldn't say the references you cited. Pls can you help me with those references
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IntroductionTo prevent the risk of developing pathogens resistant to antibiotics and also to satisfy consumer demand for a food chain free of drugs, the use of in-feed antibiotics in the European Union was banned in January 2006, and this policy is being considered in other parts of the world. Consequently, the poultry industry seeks an alternative for antibiotics as growth promoter ...
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