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Dear Prof. Donzele,Your comments and observations are very much appreciated. I utterly agree with you that understanding properly the ideal feeding pattern of sows under heat stress or thermoneutral conditions is essential to establish an ideal feeding program from a formulation and a feeding management perspective. Our findings, which will be more discussed in the coming videos, indicate that pro ...
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Dr. Martin, congratulations on the excellent article. As I am in a tropical country, Brazil, I think I lacked information about the limitations of increasing the level of fiber in pig diets during the hot season of the year. In this sense, we have to consider two main factors. the increase in the caloric increment (CI) of the animals' rations and digestive tract. With regard to this last factor, t ...
Video published on April 5, 2021
Listen to Professor Bruno Silva from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil to know more! This video is part of a series of short educational videos, lasting from 5 to 7 min, that help to better understand the feeding behavior of sows and ways to modulate it.
Video published on April 5, 2021
The feed intake of sows is important, because sows are becoming more productive thanks to the continuous genetic improvements made by pig breeding companies. This increase in litter size leads to a huge burden on the sow to feed her litter. The objective of the sows is simple: to supply more milk - and for this purpose, they need to eat. Listen to Professor Bruno Silva from the Federal University ...
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