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Several strategies can be adopted to control the growth and development of moulds, and hence reduce their effects on the quality of feeds and feed material, and on animal performance. An important strategy is an appropriate storage, whereby many of the problems can be alleviated if the feeds and feed material are stored in clean and well-ventilated silos. A second way of controlling moulds and any ...
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IntroductionSupplemental lipids are commonly included in diets for ruminants (Doreau and Ferlay 1994). These lipids are components of feedstuffs or through the addition of specific lipid additives (Loften et al. 2014). Most commonly, these lipid additives are used to increase the energy density of the diet (Hess et al. 2008), but can also be used to modulate the fatty acid (FA) comp ...
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The first week of the life of calves, which belongs to the calving phase, is the most critical period, as 50% of the first-year mortality rate occurs during this period, where various stressors strongly influence health.Stress is a response of the animal's organism to a stimulus, and when it is associated with negative situations, reduced performance and productivity are inevitable, since animal h ...
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Introduction Fertility is the result of so many factors that the definition of Fromageot (1978) is not surprising: reproduction can be considered a “luxury” function. In fact, several experiments have demonstrated how numerous and different are the causes of reduced fertility. Among them, nutrition has a relevant role (Wolter, 1973; Bertoni, 1990; Ferguson, 1991) related to the de ...
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