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#Poultry gut health
Article published the December 20, 2023
I. IntroductionImmediately after birth, or hatch in birds, the initial inoculum shapes the gut microbiota for life. The first bacteria to settle in the intestine can attach to epithelial cells with no competition, rapidly establish, grow, and set the intestinal environment to suit their own needs (Stecher and Hardt, 2011; Edwards, 2017). The first bacterial settlers have the most substantial influ ...
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Article published the August 8, 2023
I. IntroductionThe UK review of antimicrobial resistance presented now outdated 2014 data on AMR consequences for human life (O’Neill, 2016). They estimated that 700,000 people die every year from AMR, with concerning devastating effects on infant mortality. In India, 60,000 newborn babies die each year from antibiotic-resistant neonatal infections. This problem is more prominent in less dev ...
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Article published the July 31, 2023
I. IntroductionGlycans are polysaccharides, essential biomolecules with well-established benefits for the host and abundantly used as prebiotics to support balanced microbiome function. Host produced glycans, such as mucins, are crucial for the defensive purpose of the intestinal epithelial barrier against pathogens (Coker et al., 2021). Glycans are often projecting on the cell surface and are fre ...
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This member gave a presentation on February 8, 2023
At the following event:
34th Annual Australian Poultry Science Symposium
Article published the February 24, 2022
I. INTRODUCTIONOregano essential oil contains many compounds, of which carvacrol, thymol and their precursors are the major components, accounting for approximately 80% of the contents. Carvacrol and thymol have been shown to actively disrupt the cell membranes of bacteria leading to cell death, promoting the use of oregano as a phytobiotic (Rao et al., 2010). Phytoadditives such as oregano are be ...
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This member gave a presentation on February 9, 2022
At the following event:
33rd Annual Australian Poultry Science Symposium
This member gave a presentation on February 8, 2022
At the following event:
33rd Annual Australian Poultry Science Symposium
Article published the January 4, 2022
I. INTRODUCTIONThroughout the world, poultry are a major and growing source of high-quality protein, as they outperform all other terrestrial meat production systems in water, feed, carbon, and land use efficiency. A challenge for intensive production systems has been the potential to introduce high pathogen loads and stresses on the animals. Such challenges have traditionally been managed with th ...
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News published on September 30, 2021
  We have decided to extend the deadline for submissions. The submissions portal will remain open until 11:59 AEST on 15th October, 2021.   We have also extended the EARLY BIRD OFFER, for the same period, so if you Pre-Register before 15th October, you will be eligible to receive 10% off your registration costs when registrations open on t ...
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This member gave a presentation on August 12, 2021
At the following event:
2021 International Conference on Swine Nutrition
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