Article published the March 17, 2021
What Is Preconditioning?Preconditioning means to condition or prepare a material before it is processed further. In the context of extrusion processes, preconditioning occurs just prior to extrusion inside a piece of equipment called a preconditioner. The preconditioned raw material exits the preconditioner and moves into the extruder for further processing down the line.The dry raw material is co ...
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Article published the March 17, 2021
Overview – What Is Extrusion?The word extrusion means shaping a material or a blend of materials that can be plasticized (able to be melted and become fluid-like), and is pumpable by forcing through a restricted opening or die.The versatility of the process is evident in its ability to produce different types of foods. The power of the process can be further appreciated by its ...
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