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B.Agric (Animal science&Fisheries Mgt),MSc (Fisheries &Hydrobiology)
Livestock management, Disease control and breeding. Aquaculture, water quality maintenance,
B.Agric (Animal science&Fisheries Mgt),MSc (Fisheries &Hydrobiology)
Article published the September 10, 2021
1. Introduction Nigeria’s coastal waters fall within the Guinea Current Large Ecosystem (GCLME), a shared resource by all the coastal West African countries. The Nigeria coastal area is one of the world’s most productive marine ecosystems with the following attributes: • Rich in fishery resources, • Oil and gas, • Precious minerals, • High potential for coastal ...
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Article published the September 10, 2021
Water is an important resource for life support and undeniably, there is hardly any human activity without the use of water. The earth is occupied by water, of which 97% are saline in the oceans, while 3% is freshwater contained in the poles (i.e. in the form of ice), rivers, lakes, streams and groundwater which supply most of human and animal needs (Al-Ghamdi et al., 2014). Water can be sourced p ...
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Wokeh Okechukwu Ken That's great! Thanks for the good work.
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This is the type of research I love - something productive. However, you didn't compare the economics of the three feeds in relation to your findings - feed cost, average production time & the performance. It's better to see how they interrelate, to actually determine the most economical. Thanks for the piece.
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Akintomide Yinka Thank you for your comment and observation. Though , the economics and cost effective profile is intended to be in another article to avoid too many things in this sing article
Article published the August 23, 2021
1. Introduction In Nigeria today, despite the significant investment in commercial agriculture by the government, aid agencies, multilateral organizations and individuals, livestock production has not succeeded in meeting the protein demands in the country (Oluwatayo and Adedeji, 2019) [1]. The increasing human population in the country has indicated that the conventional forms of livestock produ ...
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Article published the May 4, 2021
I. INTRODUCTION Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) is one of the most commonly cultured freshwater fish species in Nigeria. It is a prolific breeder, widely farmed across the nations of the earth and the third largest cultured finfish [1]. Oreochromis niloticus is a native of Africa [2], considered as a standout farmed fish because of its high nutritional qualities, fast growth rate, resistance ...
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