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PhD in Veterinary (Fish) Medicine
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Yes, I believe that there are lots of viable substitutes - blue algae, (various) fly larvae, earthworms, cockroaches..., , all depending on the formulator's skill, the fish in question (nutrient requirement) and the culture environ (water quality / available nutrient). The main issues are ensuring that it's economical, sustainable and healthy.
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Thanks for making your work available. However, I have lots of questions. 1). the crude protein / energy content of your substitutes are quite different from that of the yellow maize you are replacing, so why choose the fig plant to replace maize? 2). The fish meal you used. The analysis seems questionable? At 17.1% moisture, the value is 16.3% protein? 3). Why not formulate feeds with similar CP ...
Article published the September 3, 2020
Introduction Clarias gariepinus, a major freshwater fish in Nigeria, is of growing economic value in African aquaculture industry [8, 9, 13]. According to Macharia et al. [11], the hatching rates of Clarias gariepinus eggs in many hatcheries in Africa are erratic, ranging from 8.0 to 70%, depending on the degree of sophistication of the management of the hatcheries. Since hatchery production is ...
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Thanks for the update on spirulina. l'll like to know if the protein (CP), energy and other nutrient content of your feed combinations were balanced to determine the ideal contribution of spirulina? I believe that this will help in ensuring that spirulina actually performs better than normal feed formulations. 'Yinka.
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Introduction Aquaculture has become the fastest growing food-producing industry around the world; however, the production efficiency of aquaculture could be further increased through the development of nutritious and cost-effective alternatives to traditional and finite marine protein feedstuffs such as fish meal (FM) (Suarez et al. 2013; Katya et al. 2014). Numerous studies have been carried out ...
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Has anyone tried improving the results of BSF protein as an FM replacement by adding selected amounts of microalgae which can have a superior amino acid profile and lipid profile? That might answer part of the question whether it's the chitin content of BSF or the lower amino acid content that leads to the observed decrease in WG at a higher dosage?
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Is it economic to prepare tons of fly larvae to replace the tons of fish meal needed daily for aquaculture.
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Thanks for the wonderful presentation. However, I think we need to broadly review our scientific approach to research. As you've earlier mentioned, you'll have to innoculate a very high dose of the vibrio bacterium before getting the disease. Similar to my (phd) research work (- effect of Aeromonas hydrophilia, a normal aquatic flora said to be very pathogenic), most aqua-flora agents are not real ...
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The Vibrio bacteria in shrimp: how a common pathogen in shrimp farming became the leading character in the EMS story. During the past year, evidence has accumulated on how the ongoing outbreak of early mortality syndrome (EMS) or more precisely acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND) is caused by a specific strain of the Vibrio parahaemolyticus bacteria. That this newly emerged disease is ...
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Congrats on the break through, but it may not go far if issues to be addressed are not cared for: * Pond disinfection after each cropping * Feed management as it relates to fry development - very important * Understanding the real challenge and addressing it. I'll like to know if your product is acting as a gut stabilizer / probiotic in managing such disease? Thanks and congrats once again. Yinka ...
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