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Although the first mentions to  “choline” date from XIX century  (In 1850, Theodore Gobley already described a substance “lecithin”, and then, in 1862, Adolph Strecker heated lecithin from bile, which generated a new nitrogenous chemical termed “choline”), choline’s role nutrition was not well known until 1930s. Since then, several researche ...
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Dear Dr. Atul Deshmukh, first of all, I apologize for the delayed feedback!Betaine, having three methyl groups and the so-called zwitterionic structure (being positively and negatively charged), is acting as a methyl group donor and as an organic osmolyte. As a methyl group donor, betaine can replace other potential sources of methyl groups: choline, partially methionine and folic acid. Methyl gro ...
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I agree with Mr Rashid and Dr K SenthilKumar, novel applications should be sustainable, adoptable and multi purpose. We have developed antibiotic-free POP for broiler and layer poultry. It reduces FCR, mortality and produces harder litter to avoid ammonia generation. Moreover, our bio-film removal product Aquachil is edible. It is once a week application through feed water tank, which removes ...
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Antwerp, Belgium (June 8, 2020) – Innovad®, global supplier of animal health and nutrition solutions, announces the acquisition of Eco Treasures, an innovative company specialized in the extraction of natural raw materials and Eco-friendly processes. The purchase of Eco Treasures, based in Belgium, fits in the company’s commitment to sustainability. “In today’s ...
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