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Article published the August 4, 2023
This study investigated whether hydroxy-selenomethionine (OH-SeMet) improves broiler oxidative stress response to a greater extent than sodium selenite (SS) or seleno-yeast (SY) under environmental stress. Day-old male Cobb 500 broilers (12 cages/diet, 9 broilers/cage) were fed a selenium (Se)-deficient diet (0.047 mg Se/kg) supplemented with SS, SY or OHSeMet at 0.3 mg Se/kg for 42 days. Animals ...
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Article published the July 7, 2021
The induction of oxidative stress by heat exposure, as well as the relationship between selenium (Se), selenoproteins and oxidative stress, is well described in the scientific literature (Habibian et al.,2015). Zhao et al. (2017) showed that hydroxy-selenomethionine (OH-SeMet) differently affected the expression of the selenogenome as compared to sodium selenite (SS). Hence, it was hypothesised th ...
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Article published the July 7, 2021
Due to the world’s population increase, egg production is expected to develop rapidly and, to increase egg production, the goal is to enhance laying persistency while maintaining egg quality (Bain et al., 2016). As they age, laying hens gradually decrease productivity and eggshell quality (Dunn, 2013). Oxidative stress is an important factor of ageing and selenium (Se), being an essential mi ...
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Thank you very much, Dr. Espinoza.
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Very interesting article and the implications that enriched or Se-endowed foods of animal origin may have as an added value in the future and that form part of the population's food culture...
Article published the October 11, 2020
A balanced diet is key for human health promotion. Among essential nutrients Selenium is shown to be deficient in many countries worldwide. In animals as well as in humans, Selenium deficiency is associated with a compromised immunity and increased susceptibility to various diseases including the recent epidemic caused by COVID 19. Production of Se-enriched eggs, meat and milk could be an importan ...
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Article published the April 6, 2020
A variety of oxidative reactions occur continuously within our cells in a dynamic environment. One common type of reaction – reduction-oxidation or redox reaction – plays a vital role in maintaining cellular functions. During these reactions, one couple loses electrons (becomes oxidised) and another gains the same electrons (becomes reduced). As a result, our cells have to maintain a d ...
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