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Participation in Forum on June 26, 2021
The potentials of fod waste utilisation in poultry feeds are evident. This also help as bio environment control
Participation in Forum on July 16, 2020
Dr. Manish Kumar Singh will be glad to your brief on this important products, my email is
Participation in Forum on July 16, 2020
Lawal Sesan yes especially feed resources that are considered as environmental pollutants that are easily converted for use in compounding rations for poultry and other monogastrics
Participation in Forum on April 26, 2020
Ali Afsar Nice narrative but you need to take into account the class and physiological functions of animals uptaing Ca.. example is high performing layer
Participation in Forum on April 23, 2020
Waiting for your reply to my email on the subject matter
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Dr. Anup, Thank you for your message. In our Eubiotics range we have essential oils, gut acting acidifiers and specialty nutritional acids containing gut modifiers with additional benefit of methionine. These products can help reducing antibiotic usage while improving gut health, immunity and overall performance of poultry birds. I can share a brief on these products through email. Please send me ...
Participation in Forum on January 10, 2020
Mohammad Hosein Shahir I agree with this position especially in rations where phytase is not added
Article published the September 4, 2018
IntroductionThe rising utilization of environmentally friendly processes in closing the feed resource supply gap and also in addressing the competitiveness in the supply of conventional feeds in the Nigerian poultry industry has remained a major focus of research (Ari et al.,2016). Melon Husk and Rumen liquor are common environmental nuisances especially in the North Central States of Nigeria wher ...
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INTRODUCTION The continuous tendency to reduce the use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) in poultry production, due to social concern about generation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, has resulted in the crucial necessity to find economically viable alternatives that can maintain optimal health and performance parameters under commercial conditions (1, 2). One possible substitute for AGP that ...
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  Immunometabolism The interface of the immune system and metabolism is an emerging field of study. Relatively recently, immunity and metabolism were treated as distinct processes carried out by an organism. Immunity was focused on the recognition and resistance to a pathogen and involved its own set of cells and tissue activities. Metabolism was solely the chemical processes that provided ...
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