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Norm Boyle
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Talaat Mostafa El-Sheikh Food Recycle Ltd engaged the University of New England and the Poultry Hub to undertake the Food Waste to Poultry Feed Trial research for/on layer hens. This is a Biosecurity safe Globally Patented Process and the trial showed that egg weight and quality was similar to that of the commercial (control) diet however the 100% Food Waste diet outperformed the commercial diet ...
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Dr Maikano M Ari. Food Recycle Ltd is an Australian Company with Global Patented Technology for the conversion of Commercial Food Waste into a Biosecurity safe Poultry or Aquaculture Feed. During the University of New England Poultry Feed Trial on layer hens the 100% formulated Food Waste Feed outperformed the commercial feed for FCR while delivering similar egg size and quality. For the Trial on ...
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Muabecho idrisu Hi please email me with your personal and corporate details and you location and I’ll send you some information.
Article published the May 17, 2021
I. INTRODUCTIONFood waste refers to “the discarding or alternative (non-food) use of food that was fit for human consumption - by choice or after the food has been left to spoil or expire as a result of negligence” (FAO, 2015). It is estimated that the global economic loss caused by food waste is US$ 1 trillion annually. The wasted amount of cereals, root crops, fruits and vegetables, ...
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