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IntroductionAvian influenza is a highly contagious worldwide zoonosis caused by avian influenza A virus (AIV) (Wlliams, 2016). This virus is a single strand RNA, negative sense, segmented virus that belongs to the family Orthomyxoviridae (Swayne and Glisson, 2013). Type-A influenza virus is isolated from birds and is termed avian influenza or avian flu (Alexander, 2000). The influenza virus contai ...
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Live Salmonella typhimurium (LVST) and E. coli (LVEC) vaccines have been widely used across the poultry industry as successful measures of controlling colibacillosis and salmonella, respectively. Both products are applied by mass administration, either by spray or water. This results in high mucosal exposure to the vaccine, which induces immunity mostly driven by cellular and IgA immunity. A seque ...
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AL2 is the most prevalent IBD virus in U.S. broilers, accounting for as much as half of today’s field isolations. The newest recombinant rHVTIBD vaccine was introduced in 2021. Previous studies in broilers with no IBD maternal antibodies showed this vaccine gave high levels of protection (70-78%) against AL2 challenge by 18-19 days. This paper will present 2 studies conducted to measure AL2 ...
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Vaccination against coccidiosis is on the rise. It is supported by a growing societal demand for antibiotic-free meat products. However, vaccination may be accompanied by some adverse effects, such as a negative impact on growth and/or the development of necrotic enteritis. Moreover, during the time of the establishment of immunity, the birds are only moderately protected. In this study, we invest ...
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In particular, I have experience in the use of air traps in the spaces where the EVAPORATIVE PANELS go, and supplementing with a line of micro sprinklers (FOGGERS). I have achieved good results, and I have managed to lower the cost of the Evaporative Panels, paper or plastic, and even in HEAVY REPRODUCERS sheds.
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Dear Brother Husam, A very happy new year to you & all staff of MSD. I am agree with your suggestions to overcome the losses of IB Variants in Middle East. Based on my long experience of working in Middle East and several knowledgeable discussion with you on this issue, I have applied the similar control measures in Karachi area of Pakistan. For your kind information, many IB Variant unvaccinated ...
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Dr. Md. Mehadi Hasan Thank you for your interest, please contact us at
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KETER K. ISAIAH the WVEPAH courses are normally designed for experienced professionals in the poultry industry who already have some previously acquired expertise and who wish to improve/complete their knowledge in some areas and most importantly of all have their expertise certified through the diploma “Certificate in Animal Health: Poultry Production”. The regulatory part of this diploma is val ...
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Thank you for your question. My comment was meant to highlight the fact that these are all live coccidiosis vaccines that work through a similar process of initial infection, followed by subsequent reinfection until immunity is developed in the host. Many companies have made changes to how their live coccidiosis vaccine is applied (through new equipment or application methods) or formulated (thr ...
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