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Pirzado M Zakria Also need to know which enzyme is contributing more in that cocktail (e.g.) if its NSPase base then you can consider ME, primarily, and ignore other factors. Do likewise for other enzymes.
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A couple of quick remarks on this topic. When phytic acid is hydrolysed by phytase and the mucosal phosphatases in the intestine the only two direct products of this are myo-inositol and phosphate. We have measured the appearance of both of these in multiple experiments and this is clear evidence of phytase efficacy and its compatibility with endogenous phosphatases in the intestine. All additiona ...
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Michaela Braun (Kansas State University) presented her results on this research regarding the use of added enzymes in broilers, during IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA.
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The biggest challenges facing the poultry industry today include disease prevention, particularly in the absence of antibiotics, and optimum nutrition, especially with regards to being able to incorporate novel/local ingredients into the diet. Interestingly these two are linked as much of the disease pressure that challenges current poultry production is enteric in its nature. Since the presence o ...
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mohammad aslam Even 150-200g/T
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The discovery of Antibiotics made Livestock production easier, as it masked manage-mental mistakes on farms around the world but it is also a reality that with passage of time the recommended dosage of sub-therapeutic antibiotics increased, as in 1950s 10-20gms/Ton, in 1970s it increased to 40-50gms/Ton and today it is 30-110gms/Ton.
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Dear Rami Unfortunately still many of the nutrients in feed specification for poultry is crude, like CP , CF , EE and of course Ca. Ca is usually over supplied to the poultry diet from many sources like: Drinking water (as a rule of thumb poultry take water twice the feed intake) , Carrier in premix , concentrate , pro-prebiotics also as anti-caking agent in SBM. For example when you add 1 kg ...
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Ahmad Karimi your experience is correct and practical
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Hello there. Based on my personal experience with phytase, beside considering phytase nPP equivalency (the value depend upon phytase origin and level), one should be very careful in considering phytase matrix value (for other nutrients such as amino acid, Ca, etc.) in practical diet formulation.
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In practical formulation, nutritionists usually consider P & Ca as per the recommendation of 'phytase company', keeping the rest of the nutrients escaped to provide benefit, if any, to birds. As for as terminology of 'P' is concerned, it's being used as 'non-phytate' and 'digestible'. The value of both is different for different sources (e.g.) MCP has 100% non-phytate P whereas its digestible val ...
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