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The approach of supplementing poultry feed with a combination of xylanase and direct-fed-microbials (DFMs), along with other management practices, to improve gut health is gaining increased attention as feed-additive alternatives to replace growth promoting antibiotics (AGP). The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of various combinations of different endo-xylanases and multi-str ...
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Ammonia, also called NH3, can be measured using a specific portable instrument as you can do with temperature, humidity, etc.Also it can be supplied an NH3 sensor by the companies making the Poultry houses control systems as part of this system. With this, you can control it, if installed, 24/7 through a web browser.To detect Ammonia it is not even really needed to measure it since during the dail ...
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Leo Geilvoet agree about the smell method. In Thailand we use rice husk as litter. Litter is changed-out after every grow and catch cycle To control ammonia and wet litter we turn rice husk daily from day 10 when chickens go full house to around day 25 when there becomes insufficient room to run the rakes. Daily checks on litter under drinker lines is very important. Maintaining correct drinker li ...
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As target bird sizes continue to increase so does the difficulty in keeping the birds cool during hot weather. Whereas 400 to 500 ft/min has traditionally worked well for smaller broilers, today’s larger 8 lb+ birds can require substantially higher air speeds to keep them growing during the summer months. Growers are often increasing their tunnel fan capacity 50% or more in th ...
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Mohamed Haroon Abdul Sattar What system do you use to treat the drinking water? Simple tank and gravity feed or pump, flow meter and dosing pump?
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Introduction.Maintaining drinking water quality for poultry is an important nutritional aspect as birds consume water at twice the level of feed. One prime factor that determines the wholesomeness of water is its microbial quality. Therefore, it should be of primary concern for production personnel and poultry producers to know the microbial quality of water supplies provided to their birds and co ...
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andrew page Hi Andrew, sorry to hijack this thread but I am new to the site. After reading Susan's article I went to this comment section and noted your comments around hydrogen peroxide and residual levels in broiler drinking water supply. Do you really dose the drinking water and maintain 50ppm HP at the drinkers? What product are you using to supply H2O2? I use Oxykil (20% H2O2) biocide to tr ...
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