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I am OS at the moment in Israel and will be back in AUZ next week What were you after Regards Andrew
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Hi all,My education didn't quite get to the heights of those large words.Totally agree where you are heading, you have oxidization and sanitation. some products are good at oxidization like peroxide but are no good as ongoing sanitizing.I have been involved with a number different peroxides which produced beautifully tasting 1 NTU water supply though a clarifier which removed the organics, iron an ...
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interesting we are using citric acid to lower PH , will pass onto farmer
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Susan Watkins hi all thanks for your replies pipe work ranges from 5 to 2 years old which is cleaned and flushed every batch with HP but what we found while using chlorine and acid we ended up with a bio film build up and the water tasted horrible. the chlorine and acid was introduced after the clarifier which means that the iron and manganese was then oxidized out in the last tank which also ...
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Susan Watkins Thanks for your response Susan, I have read a couple of your reports on HP very interesting.if the system is clean of biofilm right out to the drinkers do I still need to maintain theses high residual numbers of 30 ppm plus out at the drinkers if the system is clean or is there other benefits from the high PPM residual at the drinkers for the birds. once the system is cleared of bio ...
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i would like to know more about residual PPM of hydrogen peroxide required at the drinkers after injecting 20 to 50 ppm of HP through a clarifier and into storage tanks before being pumped through to drinkers. to have 20 to 30 PPM at the drinkers seems excessive and expensive when you are trying to reduce running cost without affecting performance. i ask this question as it could reduce the volume ...
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