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Juarez Donzele, exactly. I have carefully gone through the article but couldn't understand the methodology too.Dear Author's, this is an interesting topic and could go a long way in helping students and professionals alike, who may wish to research further on the topic. Do kindly provide more details. Thank you.
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While understanding that the authors dominate the methodology in the study of amino acid digestibility in feed used in pig and poultry rations, I would like to consider that there was a lack of information in the description of the methodologies that compromised a better evaluation of the study.
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There are multiple approaches a swine nutritionist can take in diet formulation: maximize performance, minimize cost, or maximize profit. Within each of these approaches, there are suboptions to decide from:Growth performance basisMaximize average daily gain (ADG)Minimize feed efficiency (F/G)Cost reduction basis Minimize cost per kg of diet Minimize feed cost per kg of gain Profit ...
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INTRODUCTIONFeed (ration) formulation is a technique by which different feed ingredients are combined to provide required nutrient to animals for a period of time, usually 24 hours, at different stages of production. A ration should supply all essential nutrients and energy to maintain vital physiological functions of growth, reproduction and health of animals. Ration ...
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AQUAVI® Met-Met meets the specific needs of slow feeders such as shrimp and prawns. It minimizes leaching of nutrients, is 100% digestible and has a slow release in the gut. Additionally it meets post-grinding specifications.
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I agree this is not always possible especially when the flocks are large. However, in developing countries broiler breeder producers may not be as large as those found in North America so dividing the barn and sorting of birds into small, medium and large birds with a small area for males is not difficult. When we started this program the farm was raising 15,000 broiler breeders, but divided betwe ...
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Recently Zhengchang launches our latest products, SZLH528 Pellet Mill and SPHS218F Extruder. We think the two new machines can help the owner let the production much more efficient than regular ones. Compare with our traditional pellet mill, SZLH528 optimizes paddle’s structure and distribution, which can made material fully mixed and has sufficient long conditioning time, with better cooki ...
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Want to know how, locally, I can prepare my own feed and make it float.
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Interesting. Because we design and build Fish Feed process plant in South Africa. Always something to learn from others. Roger.
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On the video you can see our Anderson Dox Extruder performing a high shear extrusion on soybeans. The extruder will aid in breaking down the material for the most efficient oil recovery possible. The heat treatment also works to deactivate the trypsin inhibitor and urease enzymes which reduce the value of the meal if not properly destroyed. With the extrusion pretreatment, the processors will ...
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