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Sekhar Basak Dear Basak, as a matter of fact not all antibiotics should ever be used as growth promotants. There are drugs that work and are safe at the same time, but they are just a few antibiotics that will attend current regulations and will represent no risk to humans. Examples are BMD, Virginiamycin, Zinc bacitracin and a few others which have been granted with the so-called Maximum Residue ...
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Surender Reddy worldwide AGPs are getting banned. Even under developed countries like Nepal and Bangladesh have banned antibiotics in feed. You think it is a good idea to promote AGPs?
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Emmanuel Nwaotule Dear Emmanuel, thank you for your message. Although this discussion refers to two diseases, that is, coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis, there are some aspects to be taken into account: coccidiosis is one of the leading factors to necrotic enteritis but necrotic enteritis is not a leading factor to coccidiosis. That means that a good control of coccidiosis will diminish necrot ...
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Agree with several of these comments so let me put some thoughts about my experience on coccidiosis. Necrotic enteritis would be for another occasion.Let´s not forget that clean houses don´t allow the chicks to develop early immune response against coccidiosis, instead, this will delay the immune response which will typically play an important role of coccidiosis control when ionophore ...
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