Article published the January 26, 2021
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Article published the January 14, 2021
INTRODUCTION The first mention of ergot alkaloids is dated 600 BC, referring to a dangerous excrescence found on spikes. In 400 BC some records refer as grass killer that caused abortion. It was observed that the epidemic of ergotism occurred after periods of hunger, where people presumably consume contaminated g.rain crops, containing toxic ergot sclerotia produced in wet springs and hot summers ...
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Dear Radka My congratulations on the published article. I am the author of the book: Mycotoxins: Biochemical Approach. If you wish, I can send you a copy of this book. Send me your address to my email: Best regards Prof. Sergio Paulo S.S.Diniz, PhD, Pos-Doc
Article published the August 8, 2018
The control of mycotoxins should be focused within a program that is usually called “Integrated Control”. This supposes apply some preventive measures at all stages of food production in question. The controls and measures to be implemented should become extended to the following steps: •• Growing food •• Selection of varieties •• Control of insects and ...
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Article published the May 10, 2018
IntroductionThe penicillic acid was isolated from maize infected with Penicillium puberulumin in 1913. Currently, it is known that it is also produced by other members of the genus Penicillium and Aspergillus. As for toxicity, is less toxic than patulin, although keep structural similarities, both are -lactones, which explains their strong carcinogenic activity. It is considered a potent antimicro ...
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Article published the May 9, 2018
IntroductionThe genus Fusarium contains important species of mycotoxin producers which have caused a series of human diseases such as aleukia toxic food, Urov or Kashin-Beck disease, intoxication Akakabi byo-grain, itchy, and esophageal cancer. Many of these species also have caused several animal diseases, including hemorrhagic syndromes, lack of appetite, toxicosis moldy in sweet potato, bean hu ...
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Article published the January 18, 2018
Role of Mycotoxins As the world’s population grows, access to a safe food supply will continue to be a global priority. In recent years, the world has experienced an increase of mycotoxin contamination in grains due to climatic and agronomic changes that encouraged fungal growth during cultivation. A number of the molds that are plant pathogens produce mycotoxins, which are known to cause s ...
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