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Thank you for the article and the overview on these so-called secondary or emerging mycotoxins. How can we have access to your analysis or detection technique?
Article published the November 28, 2022
1. INTRODUCTION Global programs are involved in addressing food and nutrition in the developing countries (WHO 2018). Improving nutrition is undoubtedly a challenging interdisciplinary proposition that involves availability and consumption of nutritious food. Covid-19 pandemic has further exposed the vulnerability of food systems in the low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Green revolution wa ...
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Mycotoxins can actually compromise gut’s microbiota and its chemical, physical and immunological barrier. Hear what Dr. Peter Surai has to say about it
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The term toxin binder (fungicide) is confusing. I was assuming that the metabolites are bound to the binders, not the fungi. On the other hand, dessicants do prevent fungal growth when mixed at proper dosage.
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We have identified the storage culprit to minimize the losses and improve the value chain. The dry chain: reducing postharvest losses and improving food safety in humid climates. Trends in Food Science and Technology 71: 84-93.
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Aoun Khan Water activity represents free water for growth of microorganisms. It goes from 0 to 1 (pure water). From 0.7 already has some microorganisms that can grow, so keeping below that eliminates the risk. This goes for any food/feed.
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Innovative input technology to minimize mold transfer to the storage.
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Drying food products using natural/artificial resources soon at harvest followed my moisture-proof storage (Dry Chain) and using such raw material in feeds could lower the contaminations documented in this quite informative study. Use of food crops resistant/tolerant to storage mold infections should also be encouraged.
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