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Before dipping in the decontaminants, determination of the count of the inoculated microorganisms has been performed.
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Dear all, The object of the article is of utmost importance to all those working in the chicken industry. Yet the decontamination process of chicken carcasses is an important measure to prevent microorganisms to hit the market and consumers, it is key to have in mind that pathogens reduction shouldn't be a processing plant task, but THE WHOLE PROCESSING CHAIN's task, from farm - specially from far ...
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Best RegardsDid you identify the degree of contamination before dipping in contamination solution?Yes, Chlorine and other lower the contamination log but how can we reach the recommended level of contamination in that kind of chicken?Is there any prequation applied to improve the time of dipping (more dipping time) compared to spaying the chemical?Thanks, Dr. Asharf.
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The experiment aimed to determine the most effective decontaminant
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I agree but I think it is ammeter of mixed intervention not only one chemical to be used through the process.
Article published the June 13, 2018
1. IntroductionAvoiding contamination is one of the greatest challenges in meat hygiene practice to prolong the shelf-life of meat and prevent food poisoning of consumer. A substantial microbial reduction of potentially contaminated fresh poultry can be achieved by decontamination with chlorines, acid and alkaline solutions. Besides general hygienic measures during the slaughter process sodiu ...
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Article published the December 1, 2017
1. IntroductionPoultry is a food that has been highly appreciated by man since time immemorial. It is an important, low cost source of animal protein, rich in nutrients, phosphorus, other minerals, and B-complex vitamins (FAO 2010). Chicken carcasses have higher pathogenic and spoilage bacterial counts than most other foods, where carcass can be contaminated at several points throughout the p ...
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Chickens and other poultry products are some of the most popular primary food products throughout the world1. However, poultry products can be contaminated by pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella and Campylobacter thus their presence has been frequently implicated in outbreaks associated with consumption of poultry products2–4. As consumers become more interested in food safety and the con ...
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