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The discussions are useful and informative, Optimum Tunnel wind velocity should be focused specially during the High Stress Index time.
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I am looking forward for further discussions especially about the resistant types of salmonella and now its need of the hour to discuss the injudicious use of the antibiotics like Ciprofloxacin and its implications. Sub therapeutic use of the antibiotics in feed w.r.t salmonella should also be highlighted. Hope to see other part/s of paper.
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I endorse the views of Prof.Paul about the alternatives for the Middle East,if possible the oil seed group and legumes should be sought out and analysed both chemically and trials should be carried out to validate the utility of these alternatives. Thanks
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It is a good effort, alternative ingredients should be searched either locally or globally due to extreme pressure on conventional ingredients and the growing demands for the biofuel industry. I would like to draw the attention to the cassava meal, its antinutritional factor like the cyanogens should be monitored while using the ingredient. Bajra(Pearl Millet) also has a good potential Indian ...
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Dear Readers, I also validate that the ME sensitivity is greater for the lower ME diets and studies should be done for low caloric density diets such that the true potential of the Carbohydrases/ NSPases could be established. Also there should be some correlation established between different exogenous enzymes sources and there assay methods with respect to there application in the feed. More ...
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Dear Sir! Can we have some photographs of this technique,moreover whats about the mechanical injury to bird & initial cost for small farmer. I endorse the views of Dr.Munnawar. Regards
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Dear Sir, Its a nice written article about the use of the diformates in the poultry,I would appreciate if the nutritional profile of the birds under the trial could be mentioned. Please also let us know how the diformates are technically differentiated from the Butyrates on the basis gut dynamics especially the hepatic. Overall its very useful
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Its a very informative article about the enzymes application in the feed,the dietary scenario in country like Pakistan is different and enzyme optimisation techniques should be such that to support the local dietary conditions.I also have reservations on the use of the pectinase because when they are cleaved they become more problematic. The efficacy of the proteases need further study specially w ...
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As far as I am able to understand your querry,please note these as tips ,first of all there is a documented positive correlation between the cellular integrity and the dietary Se contents and usually its 0.4 ppm of diet,secondly you can decrease the stocking density of your housed birds.
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This article leads to some fine tunnings that could be made in the grinding process also.Overall its a nice work.
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