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Vasilis Kompoulis
Veterinary Doctor
Merchadising medicines, vaccines, vitamins, etc. Advisor for poultry farms.
Veterinary Doctor
Participation in Forum on May 6, 2023
Excellent presentation Thank you sharing with us so valuable information Do you believe the quality of soya protein has an impact inGE ?
Participation in Forum on November 13, 2021
Excellent analysis off the topic You can add the soya quality problems and the existence off nitrogen remains like’ ouria’. A substance used to increase the protein level off soya meal by false
Participation in Forum on April 4, 2018
Excellent article.I agree that MS is progressively aggressive mainly in organic or free range layer flocksVaccination with MSlive is the only way to reduce spreading in multi stage farm.
Participation in Forum on January 20, 2008
What is exactly the salt solution in the water? What electric power one should apply on the salty water and for how long?
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December 17, 2007
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Professional Title: Veterinary Doctor