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Well, if you are talking about high titers because of vaccination program, because adult broiler breeders won't suffer of IBD, there is no problem with high titers, we want high titers for the protection of the chickens. You have to be careful with the vaccination of the chickens, because, high maternal titers, can neutralize the vacunal virus, leading the chickens to a wild infection with IBD.Abo ...
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Chris Morrow (Bioproperties) discusses antimicrobial resistance, as well as prevention of mycoplasma, and the need for continuous change in poultry production.
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David Baquero we have to stop using antibiotics every 4-6 weeks for human health reasons. In the short and maybe medium term it is effective but it may mean the loss of effectiveness of antibiotics for treating ordinary infections in the long term: it is expensive.
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MG is considered a serious economic threat in poultry.All branches can become infected at any age and broilers are among the most affected as the commercial conditions and rapid growth promote the susceptibility of the birds to the MG infection and secondary E coli severe CRD complication.Layers and breeders may suffer from a very light drop in egg production, but in breeders the MG is transmitted ...
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MG infection is very common in many countries. Most of the PS & Com. flocks of Pakistan found positive in lab and also showing signs of infection in the field. Negative flocks are getting infection easily from contaminated field.Keeping this in view, I personally feel that sue of vaccines either killed or live is useless. Tilmycosin, the latest antimycoplasma drug is giving better results to r ...
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Thanks for this has come up, I have used the frozen strain and eye drop at the age of 6 weeks with a repeat at 9 weeks. However, mycoplasmosis has often times attached me. It's true it's not easy to control on a farm with multiples eggs of laying birds and that is what I have. The birds that I have not vaccinated also safer in the same way like those vaccinated however when I treat with tylosin 20 ...
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Great question, great answers. Thank you. Control of Mg and Ms day by day is getting harder. What do you think about the use of antimycoplasmic drugs every 4 or 6 weeks? And about the new releases like Tylvalosin and Sakamycin (please excuse me if they are not right written, in Spanish is "choques antimicoplásmicos", tilvalosina y sakamicina)?Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Socorro Magdalena Escorcia MartínezHi SocorroIB viruses have a natural tendency for changing, especially in the S1 region.There is no need for using different variants of IB viruses to get the mutations.During many many years, all the world used the H-120 IB classic strain to vaccinate. Despite it, many different and new variants developed such as the 793B, QX, IB-Var2 (Israel).Some of thes ...
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Socorro Magdalena Escorcia Martínez following your comments
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I appreciate the offer to send the information I request to my address, however, I think it is important that you share it in this discussion forum, mainly because you recommend a vaccine to solve a problem of interest not only for one person.
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