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yes, vaccination can be given in laying. for flock already infected, keep treating and go for killed vaccine. for flock not suffering but under threat (there is problem in the neighbourhood) two live SG9R with three weeks intervaks. No antibiotic medication one week before and one week after vaccination. for replacement flocks - live while growing and killed just before start of lay and mid lay..
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Chris Morrow Thanks Dr. Morrow for your kind answer. I have not seen any hard, or even, soft reaction to this vaccine. We actually use Tylosin when the titres rise just as a measure to prevent a field strain that really could affect the broilers, specially, because in the breeders or layers, we don't see anything related with a possible MG attack in the pens. As a question: DIVA PCRs are differen ...
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Hello Dr. Morrow, thakns for the massive response. I apologize because I am not an english native speaker, but I'll try to do my best. Actually, in the company where I work, we use F Strain for heavy breeders and layers. The purpose of using it in the breeders, is to effectively control field MG; and in the layers, is to protect the breeders for croosed infections, not because it's relevant for th ...
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Hello Dr. Morrow, thanks for sharing the article. If I read well, it more recommended nowadays the TS-11 vaccine over the F-strain vaccines?
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IntroductionThe impressive genetic improvement of poultry growth rate has led to a modern bird with a very low feed conversion rate (FCR), high average daily gain (ADG) and low mortality. Unfortunately, this fast growth rate is often directly linked with digestive problems, such as bacterial enteritis (BE) or dysbacteriosis and even necrotic enteritis (NE). These intestinal health problems have si ...
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Thanks, Dr. Andrew for sharing this article. I have always related this condition to bad vaccination practices. How can you discard this point? Sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker.
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Hello Dr. Hoerr, thanks for sharing this reference. Is it possible for you to send me a PDF copy to my e-mail: Thanks in advance
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Hello Dr. Samuel. Is it possible for you to share this paper in PDF format to my e-mail: Thanks in advance
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Well, if you are talking about high titers because of vaccination program, because adult broiler breeders won't suffer of IBD, there is no problem with high titers, we want high titers for the protection of the chickens. You have to be careful with the vaccination of the chickens, because, high maternal titers, can neutralize the vacunal virus, leading the chickens to a wild infection with IBD.Abo ...
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Chris Morrow (Bioproperties) discusses antimicrobial resistance, as well as prevention of mycoplasma, and the need for continuous change in poultry production.
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