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The use of phytochemicals is an effective option in the context of avian pathology. But it is not the reason of this forum. So, focusing on the subject, it is propitious to mention that: Because of its strong and pungent odor, butyric acid is commonly used in its Butyrate form (as a calcium or sodium salt). Recurrent studies have concluded that after supplementation with Butyrate, there has been a ...
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Throughout the human history, utilization of antimicrobials in food production and human health have been greatly favored. Tremendous improvement in farm animal production and historically unprecedented enhancement in human health protection were marked benefits of utilizing antibiotic in agricultural and human medical arenas. However, the misuse and overdose of antibiotics has resulted in acceler ...
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Very good information on the various positive effect of Butyric acid in the gut. The concept is really good for prevention of NE in poultry. Though Butyric acid has no direct effect on Clostridium but can help indirectly by keeping a healthy gut.
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This is the best Rat control product in India. Effective to eradicate 80- 90% of Rat population after the first application.
The publication of this product is complete.
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IntroductionArachnid mites are external parasites of chickens and turkeys. Dermanyssus gallinae, the Common Red Mite, feeds by sucking blood, mainly at night and may transmit fowl cholera and other diseases. Ornithonyssus bursae, the Northern Fowl Mite, spends its entire life cycle on the bird and can multiply more rapidly as a result. Signs- Presence of gray to red mites up to 0.7 mm.- Birds res ...
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For removing Biofilm from water pipelines, has anybody tried enzyme based detergent that can very effectively dissolve the Extracellular Polymeric Substance (EPS) or the protective matrix of biofilms, further sanitization actually removes the complete biofilm and renders the water safe for birds?
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The IHSIG group invites the industry, scientists, and students to present their recent work on intestinal health during short presentations and poster sessions. The abstracts must be submitted before August 20, 2017. The Intestinal Health Scientific Interest Group (IHSIG) group organizes its 5th symposium on poultry intestinal health. The event will be held in Bangkok, Thailand,  ...
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Very nice and informative article. Butyric acid has many advantages in the GIT of poultry. Well studied and explained.
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Necrotic enteritis (NE) is an important enteric disease in poultry, caused by the overgrowth of certain Clostridium perfringens strains, which evokes intestinal tissue damage. In its acute clinical form, the disease is characterized by a sudden increase in flock mortality, and gross lesions that are usually, but not always, restricted to the small intestine. In the sub-clinical form, no peak morta ...
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Phytogenics are undoubtedly the next biggest thing in Veterinary Pharma sector worldwide due to the ban on unethical/ indiscriminate use of antibiotics and also the growing awareness among people about safe food and environment. Such a shift towards safe and healthy food is most needed to safeguard the health of coming generations.
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