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"Based on various studies we have conducted, MINTREX® itself can reduce the incidence of wooden breast in broiler birds," said Vivek Kuttappan
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Certainly an interesting discussion, I appreciate everyone's insight. As for the debate around the % CV, I think one of our issues is thinking in absolutes. As Marc mentioned, the "standard" continues to be 10%, which is not to say that facilities shouldn't strive for even better homogeneity as technology improves. However, due to the variable precision of some assays (as Dr. Wicker describes) i ...
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Interesting comment about the CV's of mixer tests and the 1985 date for the 10 % CV acceptability. While employed at Degussa, now Evonik in the 1980's mixer profliles were offered as a customer service. At that time a standard was needed to compare for % CV's for mixer profiles. The standard at that time, around 1985, was the Kansas State research on mixer profiles using the QuanTab salt assay. T ...
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I wonder if you come up with the same differential or conclusions if the data is analyzed on a grams of methionine consumed rather than the %s?
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