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Registration for the 2nd Alternatives to Antibiotics is now open and abstracts are being accepted. There are space limit with the number of registration due to the space limitation at the OIE conference place. Early registration is thus recommended.
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Thanks for the details brought to the attention of the esteemed readers. As you have informed rightly, the organism Bacillus subtilis PB6 discovered by Kemin possess the important characteristics which make it unique. They include: &#61656 Derived from the healthy chicken gut &#61656 Has definitive mode of action against Clostridium perfringens by producing antimicrobial substances &# ...
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I appreciate the question of Mr.Amir Attar. In general, heat with moisture / moist heat is always more detrimental to microorganisms than dry heat alone. Recovery studies of Bacillus subtilis PB6 were based on the survival of the spores, and clearly showed that PB6 spores can withstand the pelleting conditions used. Also, the concentration of the PB6 given in the product meets the demand of the c ...
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Clostridium as an anaerobe with its spore forming characteristics is extreme resistance to physical changes and also to chemical agents. Spores of Clostridium perfringens survive in the boiling temperature (100 degree celsius) for more than an hour. Also, the pellet feed is prone for recontamination till it is taken by the animal. As rightly said by Mr.Robert , Bacillus subtilis PB6 spores surviv ...
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Broiler integrators around the globe are facing a similar problem - a specific growth retardation around 3-4th week of age of broiler. This problem occurs so frequently that it is no longer considered as a disease or abnormal phenomena and is often neglected. In some cases it is treated with antibiotics and generally with whatever is readily available. In other cases ordinary acids or herbal produ ...
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