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Chris Morrow (Bioproperties) discusses antimicrobial resistance, as well as prevention of mycoplasma, and the need for continuous change in poultry production.
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Stephen Adejoro Dr when the infection is active killing birds in large numbers I will never waste my time with probiotics. I don't believe a weak bacteria can prevent multiplication of killer bacteria. when we don't see the disease we can imagine many things. what happens in petri dishes in laboratory is not applicable in the affected flock
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Fowl cholera is a severe septicemic disease well known to be caused by a bacteria. Its entry into the farm should be prevented by good biosecurity and vaccination for safety. Once fowl cholera is detected in one house treat it aggressively with antibiotics in water/ injections. Sulphonamides in feed gives consistent treatment. the nearby houses can be vaccinated to prevent the spread. Multi strain ...
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Are we exaggerating the problems of Mycotoxins? Ewa Sujka Higuera discusses the main issues producers face fighting mycotoxins, during IPPE 2019
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