Article published the April 8, 2022
INTRODUCTIONAccording to new concepts about human health and increase on protein demand there was significant improvement in carcass quality of pigs to supply market which seeks a pork lean meat. Thus, it should be considered some conditions that impose changes in nutritional requirements of pigs, such as genetic potential for meat production, gender and age for maximal performance.Amino acid leve ...
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Article published the April 6, 2022
IntroductionOver the years, nutritionists have studied several ways to determine the ideal dietary supply of essential amino acids to optimize poultry performance. However, considering only performance objectives without taking into account economic factors may not reflect maximum profitability, since optimizing performance is not always viable (Pack et al., 2003). An economic approach to determin ...
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Article published the April 4, 2022
INTRODUCTION Aiming at reducing production costs and the impacts of animal production waste on the environment, research has focused on improving the efficiency of feed utilization.One strategy to reduce the excretion of pollutant compounds is to increase the nutritional availability of feeds by the dietary supplementation of exogenous enzymes (Nahm, 2002). Phytase, for instance, allows reducing i ...
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Article published the January 7, 2020
IntroductionThe high cost of inorganic phosphate has influenced the direction of research and the industry to discover alternative sources of phosphorus (P) or improve the availability of P, for broilers. The phytase enzyme has been highlighted in the nutrition of non-ruminants as a tool to reduce the dietary inclusion of inorganic P and to decrease nutrient excretion through the excreta (WALDROUP ...
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