DVM, PhD, Assistant Professor in avian pathology
- Teaching: Poultry production and Avian Pathology - Research: Avian Virology, Enteric Diseases in Poultry - Trainings on coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis - Supervision of students for graduation th
DVM, PhD, Assistant Professor in avian pathology
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Immune system in poultry Immune system combats the antigens and ensures the good health status of the bird. It identifies almost all disease causing agents, from viruses to parasitic worms and differentiates them from body´s cells and tissues. Immune system of poultry can be divided into non-specific and specific immune mechanisms. Non-specific immune mechanisms include the innate or inher ...
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In relation to the two schools of thought and the Darwinian selection, I would like to make the following reflection:if a challenge-homologous vaccine is used, which has the same genetic information, why would new variants be generated? And on the contrary, using a 4/91 vaccine with genetic information different from the challenge strain QX would not generate new antigenic variants?
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I appreciate the offer to send the information I request to my address, however, I think it is important that you share it in this discussion forum, mainly because you recommend a vaccine to solve a problem of interest not only for one person.
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Dr. Mohammad Akram Dear Dr.Control of IB in breeders and layers depends on two main factors:1. What IB (Variants) are causing the problem?2. What vaccines are available and what vaccination program are you using during the rearing period.The combination of 4-91 (IB-Var1 group= 793B) with any Manchester vaccination strain Ma5 or H-120, may help to reduce the economic damage but it is not always eno ...
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Dear Anwar,It appears there are challenges with poultry farm biosecurity and antibiotic resistance in Pakistan.Some of the signs you mentioned i.e. urogenital and kidney involvement as well as anorexia are part of what is observed in Infectious Bronchitis. I suggest a proper identification of circulating strains of IB virus in your country in order to pursue homologous vaccination. Also, only case ...
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ABED Yes, other Algerian isolates of NDV. Best regards. Mouna ABED
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Well done. I personnelly agree with you about Circulation of APMV Genotype VII in algerian poultry flocks and its huge economic losses. Dear dr you said in your paper that genotype VII replaces genotype V!!!! May i ask you about the refrence that speaks about existance of genotype V in algerian flocks? Salutations
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Congratulations for this publication. Do you have any other isolates done in Algeria? I ask you this question to see the evolution of Algerian strains in a phylogenetic tree. In advance, thank you for your answer. Dr. ABED
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Dear Dr. Bouderbal, I guessed you should make the corrections in Table 1. The figures shown are the actual titers when you used the formula to compute, not the value of log10 of titers any more. But you indicated in the Table as Log10 of titers. I said you should check for your biased conclusion because in E7 the average titer was 1253 and your conclusion is positive whereas in E3 the average tit ...
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I agree with Dr.Phan, The titers in Table#1 appear to be direct conversion of S/P ratios and tabulated as such . These should be converted to respective Log10 values to justify the Table heading. Also that , Dr Phan may have meant 'Negative' when he mentions the discrepancy in E3 Farm data ( 2nd comment, quote, "E3 the average titer was 2916 and your conclusion was positive" unquote. ) Howe ...
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