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Dear Dr. Chandra the average weight(1500 grams) of your bovans flock in 23 weeks age is good for better understanding your flock problem it is necessary to evaluate some item as bellow :1- How much is the uniformity of your flock ? in this age it must be more than 85% how many of bird,s weight are lower and under the 10% of average weight? if the rate is high the problem is worse.2- if uniformity ...
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Genetic factor such as gene introduction for larger eggs in smaller frame birds can be a big factor of prolapse, specially during first few weeks of production
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Zahed shab giving very2 good suggestions on prolapse ,I am only suggest for body many Layer farmer not doing good management and giving extra top dressing of soya which rs very harmful .
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Prolapse can be prevented by good management in rearing period. Reaching body target body weight in 5-6 weeks age is the first step in the prevention of prolapse, and body weight and uniformity in 15-13 weeks age (skeletal uniformity) is another important step to preventing it. Early sexual maturation which reproductive organ oviduct is not fully completed especially with a not uniform flock in 15 ...
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Thanks, Dr. Fulton for this fruitful information. My question is: if ILT outbreak after vaccine or non vaccinated birds then how we can treat it? Any suggestion?
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In my farm birds are producing voice like (garer) and sneezing. the age of broiler birds are10 days. killed vaccination was given at 5th day (ND and IB). I think this is ILT problem but I'm not sure about it. Mycoplasma galisepticum and synovi are negative. What can I do? Please, help me.
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thanks Dr. Karel A. Schat.i want to now about the Infectious bronchitis diseases which is always imuno supresion causes in broiler .why this virus attach on brusa.
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pasturella multocida cause avian heamrragic septecimea.vertical trnsmision does not shows sneezing coughing gasping ,dirrhoea, arthritis,comb and wattle also cause the infection in the heavy breads almost 15 to 16 wks of is due to sudden change in the mangmnt,presence of aflatoxin,poor sanitation.Grosly shows bursa swollen petical heamorrages serous and mucos membrane. ...
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water belly is a condition due to improper ventilation..mostly during minimum ventilation...ammonia toxicity causes the ascites. if we can humidity level low than we control the cases of ascites..during racking use extra fans.inlets open during this condition..
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