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Thank you sir for nice presentation. I would like to request you to prepare more tutorial on basics of feed formulation so it will help beginners. May i get your email id and your youtube link sir. Thank you.
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Haha dai nahasaununa .
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I am recent vet graduate from Nepal. I am highly intrested to participate in this outstanding training on poultry disease. Is there any schoolarship available for recent graduate like us ?. If so please let me know. Thank you.
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A positive step in the right direction at the right time to help young poultry scientist who are interested in pursuing a postgraduate programme in poultry (avian) science especially at this time that the poultry industry is being challenged by the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) worldwide and Nigeria in particular. I appeal to the sponsors of this wonderful and excellent gift to kindly e ...
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I am a young undergraduate Veterinary Student from Nepal. Nepal has great potential for poultry productionn however because of limited resaerch and knowledge technology we are not satisfy to our production system and health managment. I have keen interest on reserch in poultry health mangament but it is difficult to get this oppertunity in Nepal both technically and financially. any other option f ...
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