Article published the July 20, 2021
1. Introduction A previous study reported nontyphoidal Salmonella spp., Clostridium perfringens, Campylobacter spp., and Escherichia coli as some of the most important foodborne bacterial pathogens in the U.S. [1]. Overall, health-related cost associated with the food borne illness from those pathogens was estimated to be around $51.0 and $77.7 billion based on a basic and enhanced model, respect ...
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Article published the February 4, 2021
1. Introduction In the poultry industry, enteric bacterial pathogens pose a threat to intestinal health and can contribute to the transmission of zoonotic diseases [1,2], increased mortality in poultry flocks, reduced feed efficiency, decreased rate of body weight gain and, therefore, increase in total production costs [3,4]. Salmonella infection and necrotic enteritis (NE) produced by Clostridiu ...
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Article published the December 3, 2018
1. Introducción Chitin (C8H13O5N)n) is a long-chain polymer of a N-acetylglucosamine (Figure 1(a)), a derivative of glucose, and is found in many places globally. It is the main component of the cell walls of fungi, the exoskeletons of arthropods such as crustaceans (e.g., crabs, lobsters and shrimps) and insects, the radula of mollusks, and the beaks of cephalopods, including squid and oc ...
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