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Prolapse can be prevented by good management in rearing period. Reaching body target body weight in 5-6 weeks age is the first step in the prevention of prolapse, and body weight and uniformity in 15-13 weeks age (skeletal uniformity) is another important step to preventing it. Early sexual maturation which reproductive organ oviduct is not fully completed especially with a not uniform flock in 15 ...
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Dear Dr. Chandra the average weight(1500 grams) of your bovans flock in 23 weeks age is good for better understanding your flock problem it is necessary to evaluate some item as bellow :1- How much is the uniformity of your flock ? in this age it must be more than 85% how many of bird,s weight are lower and under the 10% of average weight? if the rate is high the problem is worse.2- if uniformity ...
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Let's Squawk About It is a monthly interview segment by the Poultry Science Association. The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed many aspects of life, but how about for a chicken? Roy Brister, of Tyson Foods, shares some insight on how feed formulation had to change due to a domino effect brought on by the pandemic.
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Hello Chris me and my feed mill not use any antibiotics during laying period I am only use probiotic from day one up to 90 weeks If during laying period any bacterial disease like thypoid face and lab recomend any antibiotic after culture sensitivity then we use other wise only supportive treatment given in cage to reduce different stress. Lab also help us to monitoring the flock health and diside ...
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Hello dear I regularly use mycoplasma vaccine in commercial layer and getting excellent results during laying period use only killed vaccine two short no live vaccine used.
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Chris Morrow Dear Chris, I fully agree with your considerations and point of view. In all of Latin America, we have to make great strides in the poultry industry segment for domestic markets. The reception of day old broiler or day old laying chicks with 3 to 5 days of antibiotics, in water or feed - to try to control initial mortality, infections by Mycopplasma and Salmonella - is still a stand ...
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My past experience: compared with any other ND-IB vaccine, Ma5&clone30 gives a higher titre. If the baseline was not built on Ma5 &clone30, one expects a higher titre than the baseline. Furthermore, titre is highest ~3 weeks post vaccination.If the gap between two vaccinations is too short or second vaccine is administered in the presence of high titre, I do not expect further increase in ...
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Salah Mohammed Example: First blood sample is taken on 1-March from a Layer flock House-1/Pen-3 for routine seromonitoring or at suspecting some problem (such as egg drop). Second sample is taken 2-3 weeks apart from the same House/pen. This is paired blood sample. Antibodies are determined in the two samples, ideally on the same Elisa plate. Result may be 3 possibilities: 1. Antibody titre decre ...
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Question has 3 parts: 1. The rise of antibody titer other than field challenge? Antibody formation is specific to an antigen - no antigen exposure, no antibodies. Other than a field challenge antibodies will rise with vaccination. Also, in case of latent infection if the agent is reactivated as a result of stress or immunosuppression, it may cause rise in antibodies. 2. How can we diagnose field c ...
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What is ILT? Infectious laryngotracheitis, also known as LT or ILT, has often caused disease outbreaks at fairs in Michigan. ILT is a viral disease of chickens that can also cause disease in peafowl and pheasants. It typically results in a drastic death loss in a flock. ILT is easily spread by birds that are experiencing the disease, those that have survived the disease, birds that have been vacci ...
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