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What is ILT? Infectious laryngotracheitis, also known as LT or ILT, has often caused disease outbreaks at fairs in Michigan. ILT is a viral disease of chickens that can also cause disease in peafowl and pheasants. It typically results in a drastic death loss in a flock. ILT is easily spread by birds that are experiencing the disease, those that have survived the disease, birds that have been vac ...
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thanx for new information for now a days. Dr m usman.
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I Dr m Usman haider lot of factors are here for good IBD tigers. 1.Wt of day old chick chicks between 36 to 40gm have good maternal antibiotics titer you can vaccinate the flock Ist shot from 7 to 9 days of age but again area of flock Ist live shot can not provide titer up to protectI've margen because 1 to 3 days need recognization of antigen and further 3 to 4 production of antibodies so a gap ...
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I am Dr m Usman haider from Pakistan working in poultry last 27 years consultan in cages layers in different areas of Pakistan in my opinion some major causes of prolapse are.1 during rearing of flock under wt birds which not fully developed their reprodutive track 2.when Bird shift in laying house owner of farm try to use less intake of feed from recommend std so feed mill Owner increased ME an ...
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Aoa I am dr m usman haider from Pakistan. I use a disinfectant at farm(breeders.layers.briloers) in presence of birds is G-cide Stable Glutaraldehyde sterilizing and disinfecting solution at Neutral activator. Rapid acting.non corrosive. Non staining. Non irritant. Non inflammable. Non rusting. Non volatile. Non carcinogenic .long shelf life.sporocidal.Virucidal.Fungicidal. Bactericidal. Glu ...
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Can you send us some pic its easy to us for daiganosis and further recommendation for healthy flock Dr m usman haider layer and parents flock consultant in Pakistan cage farm also.
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