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Neither animal protein nor plant protein contains creatine. However, some animal-sourced feedstuffs, such as meat meal and meat & bone meal, provide a relatively large amount of creatine plus phosphocreatine for livestock, poultry, fish and crustaceans.
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Thanks for this nice article. Please note that unlike the mammalian liver, the avian liver does not synthesize glucose from glucogenic amino acids due to the intracellular PEPCK compartmentation. Please refer to Wu G. 2018. Principles of Animal Nutrition. CRC Press.
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In weaning, after a first phase where innate immunity through phospholipase2A is activated, the inflammatory process follows after 5-7 days through type 2 microfold (M2) an immunorepression of inflammatory cytokinins and activation of Treg cells with an increase of Il 10, then a decrease of neutrophil granulocytes and phagocytosis. At the same time at the microbiome level there is a decrease in ba ...
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The beginning of the piglet intestine inflammatory process begins with the production of phospholipase 2A (PLA2). Following activation dentritche cells and macrophages IL 2 and granulocyte netrofili arrival in the basal lamina with release of ROS. Simultaneously, the dysbiosis following the food change involves a dell'immunotolleranza stopping and thus also provides you with an inflammatory proces ...
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The interesting figure is in Table 1: Sow weight loss%, where P2 fat decreased more in Low Fa than in High FA sows.Result: higher efficiency of glucose metabolism lower energy demand from adipose tissues in High FA sows.Suggestion supplement the diet with carnitine, inositol, propylene glycol.
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Márcio Gonçalves shares some insights about sow lactation feed intake in this Swine It video.
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It is certain that amino acids modulate the immune system via General controlled nonrepressed (GCN2). The quantity of amino acids but above all the composition of the amino acid profile activate or repress the immune response. The BCAA amino acids, especially leucine, activate mTOR and repress GCN2, thereby increasing the inflammatory process in the intestine, which is of particular importance in ...
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The immunotolerant action through the microbiome is also interesting as it allows Lactobacillus Alistipes to use tryptophan as an energy source. The product of this degradation is indoleamine 2-3 dioxygenase 1 which in turn activates the Ahr receptor (Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor) whose activation allows the production of IL 22, IL 10.
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1. IntroductionClassical swine fever (CSF) remains a highly relevant disease in swine, causing major losses to the industry which are related to various forms of disease [1]. CSF has been eradicated in the US and Western Europe and remains endemic in several countries, including Asia, Central and South America, and Eastern Europe, with a recent outbreak being reported in Japan [2]. The disease is ...
Article published the August 22, 2019
In the pig industry, the use of high levels of zinc oxide (ZnO) is used for prevention and treatment of diarrhoea in weaning piglets, but the mechanism of action of Zinc has not yet been known. Some studies tested some hypothesis as WANG ET AL that demonstrated the ZnO alters the expression of intestinal proteins that are related to the regulation of oxidative stress, cell proliferation and apopto ...
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