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Natural Remedies is one of the leading herbal pharmaceutical company in India, headquartered at Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka. The company is a manufacturer and supplier of standardized herbal extracts, phytochemicals and herbal veterinary healthcare products which are validated, effective, ...
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Fine article discussing about oxidative stress related parameter and it's treatment using phytocee . Dear Doctor can you provide dose rate of same for breeders .Layers and Broilers. Regards, Dr Ninad Mokal . Asha Consultancy Services.
Article published the October 3, 2017
SummaryComponents of marketable herbal feed supplements are primarily evaluated based on their efficacy and safety to ensure quality. Nevertheless, as complex mixtures of different groups of primary and secondary metabolites, retention of overall phytochemical consistency with permissible levels of contaminants is critical to their efficacy and safety of herbal feed supplements. Herbs sourced from ...
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