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Master in Nutrition and Business administrative sciences
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Rizwan Aslam I did that and soon will be posted with respect to future oilseed requirements for human and livestock production in Pakistan
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Thanks for the information on Rasin acid as I understand from the presentation. Could you please share the trail scientific results supporting your claim for antibiotic free. Regards,Zahid
Participation in Forum on June 24, 2020
Thanks for this great article. but I think CoVID 19 has its commercial and nutritional impact on the feed additive use and proud action as well. Most of the Asian and world other countries the feed production has been decreased by 20-25% and so does the animal production such as chicken If so these numbers need to revised for these 2 years 2020-2022. Please let me know if you agree Regards Zahi ...
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Ewa Sujka, Head of Sales Department at Liptosa, introduces Coccilip for the Indian Subcontinent, a phytogenic specially designed to control coccidia in animal production and minimizes the risk of secondary bacterial enteritis, during Poultry India 2019.
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Toxins are everywhere in feed raw materials. I think stress aggravate the situation in broiler birds at the time of 21-35 days and causes issues. It is multiple levels of different toxins play their role.
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Dear Fong Good piece of information and analysis on the world vitamin supply although most of the European companies are buying from China, but for Chinese's product quality issues are still theirs. Sometimes it is hard to justify the cost with quality and buyer always go with the European brands of product. I think and suggest that Chinese companies need to make an association and come out to the ...
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Yes I agree
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Poultry feed production Seventy percent of broiler feed in Pakistan is produced in modern feedmills equipped with pelleting technology. Small feedmillers volume of business has been squeezed and in future may become non-profitable due to small volumes and higher cost of raw materials. Poultry feed production over the past 10 years is shown in tables 1 and 3. Table 1. Poultry feed production (000 ...
Participation in Forum on April 26, 2016
This shows promising results as most of European poultry feed producers and in some Asian countries are getting out of AGP use in broilers. More and more studies are conducted to support probiotics and organic acids use in broiler feeds. Great Thanks Zahid
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HI kemin Many many congratulations for establishing this lab in India, indeed many farmers and poultry business community will be getting benefit out of it as this lab will provide services in the area of health and nutrition. In return Kemin will increase its reach-ability to the farm level and up to the consumer. My congratulation to Kemin India once again ......... well done. These serv ...
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