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Secondary colibacillosis due to primary viral respiratory infection generally sets in about 10 days after primary viral infection and once you see the symptoms at post-mortem, treatment can only be with antibiotic, but recovery may not be 100% as severity in each bird varies. Doing a sensitivity test on culture can better allow the selection of an effective antibiotic. Meanwhile if possible add vi ...
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What other symptoms are seen besides lameness and what is the mortality %?
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The simplest thing to do now is to remove the feed and supply with fresh feed without any animal protein. If you can send the feed for checking of gizzarosine, that would help. My strong suspicion is gizzarosine which presence is not homogeneous in the RM used. Perhaps there was some adulteration of burnt fish meal in one of the raw materials?? That is why the best way to find out is to send the ...
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Do you use meat & bone meal? Gizzarosine in overheated fish meal can produce the symptoms seen in the photos. Although fish meal is not used, could it be an adulterant in some other raw materials? The best thing to do is to stop using current batches of feeds and provide fresh feeds without animal protein. The recovery is quite fast, within 5 days the birds will be ok.
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Why are most raw materials high in purine & low in Pyrimidines? Is there a difference in these two components between plant and animal proteins?
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