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Time runs fast and putting events in some historical perspective can sometimes be misleading for all of us.. I wonder if there is not a kind of lapsus or typing error in the last paragraph of this press release. It mentions that NutriAd was estabilished more than 50 (FIFTY) years ago. This would mean before 1967 !! If I remember well, NutriAd International was founded by Dr. Jamal Al Saifi, now ...
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Interesting topic and indeed very acute and actual problem in pig farms in many countries.Without being totally familiar with the critical MIC levels for inhibiting pathogens, I wonder if a MIC-value of 1.5-3.0 mg/ml is really that low. Studies at the Vet. Faculty of the University of Ghent, show MIC values of one single SCFA lower than 0.03 mg/ml (13 sow strains) or one single MCFA at 0.25-0.5 mg ...
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