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drprasad kulkarni
M V Sc (Poultry)
Layer farming expertise for optimum productivity, Disease control, management & nutrition. Disease control expertise in PS stock with sero-profiling & production performance. Broiler farming expertise
M V Sc (Poultry)
Participation in Forum on April 18, 2023
Salicylic acid in the same way can help as anti pyretic in extreme summer conditions and found useful to check heat stroke mortality especially for layer birds
Article published the June 23, 2020
Energy is a crucial & essential constituent of poultry ration affecting consumption, performance and profitability of the farming business. Despite of precision in formulation many factors are responsible that can lead to variation in energy value of the poultry feed. Formulating the high energy diets like broiler finisher makes it mandatory to use oil in order to match the nutritional require ...
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Adetoro Abdulrahman, Chances of Marek's coming at such early age of 10 wks is very low. Second important thing is, we will continue to get lingering mortalities at least till 40 weeks of age. Many times these mortality typically shows tumors. We have to confirm these things before coming to any conclusion.
Participation in Forum on June 18, 2020
Dr.Talapaneni.Kotaiah Sir, your overview also underlines need of the vector vaccines in prevalence of VVMD in India. We really do not have surveillance tool available & presence of which can be a pathfinder for this challenge. We in India have presence of almost all vaccine players known globally. Need is of the precision and tools to control re emerging issues like Marek's, CAV & always prevalent ...
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Very interesting topic.From our experience here below the main causes of vaccine failure and each one of them is a topic to discuss: 1. Vaccination storage/ handling/ transportation/administration 2. Time of thawing more than 90 sec.3. Vaccine preparation or handling.4. Time of vaccine consumption more than 1 hour. 5. Contamination in the vaccination equipment.6. Poor vaccine administration ex. No ...
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This is an excellent and timely topic. Please I am only appealing that the organizations involved can just involve African researchers whose research work involves gut health. As they say in Africa if you want to tell a blind or deaf woman something tell it to her child. Please involve us. Some of us are working and willing to work if given the opportunity to do so and if possible a better way of ...
Participation in Forum on October 13, 2015
Thanks everyone for going through article and your comments too. My motto is to improve upon the efficiency as a field veterinarian through such communication media. In such case specially non-pro comments are helpful to guide on leftover line of thinking that one may miss to address. Someone mentioned the different line of thinking that every vet has which I feel is a urge of improvement for deci ...
Participation in Forum on October 3, 2015
Mr. Atef, pl send your mail ID to share with you an Interpretation manual. This gives the idea of possible titres birds attain with every vaccine categorised by strain, (live and killed antigen) depending on age and stage and type of bird even. I can say that Elisa can guide for planning immunisation and resolve issues. I have practically experienced and enjoyed to resolve IBD, Mg, IBV, IBH issu ...
Participation in Forum on October 1, 2015
The guidelines called baseline titres can be made available. It do requires the practical application based on current findings(disease confirmation) by serology. To differentiate the infectious and vaccine titres the parameter of vaccination Index guides you & the software also gives liberty to create your own baseline for high risk areas which you refer. But it do require some ground work in ter ...
Participation in Forum on June 27, 2015
It's quite late to comment. Looking at history predict choline deficient and high energy diet. I can share my experience with you. Providing Choline chloride supplementation (with balanced diet in-fact) Can check the mortality in 3 to 5 days. If possible give CC through water for 5 days. To achieve less feed intake these days high energy diet has become common in commercial feed.
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