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Disease Prevention Using Elisa Technique

Published: May 27, 2015
Even vulnerability of market conditions cannot stop the growth of Indian Poultry Industry today. Continuous improvement in genetic potential targeted towards getting better performance from the bird has made this unbelievable success realistic today. Along with the genetic upgradetation, the success can also be credited to nutritional awareness amongst the producers. It however fails to address t...
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drprasad kulkarni
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Lalit Belwal
7 de octubre de 2015
Thank you Dr Chakraborty. A very sensible discussion.
Antonio C. Lubao
7 de octubre de 2015
Dear Drs. Kotaiah, Olanrewaju, Thiyagasundaram and Belwam, Thank you for your concern. I am just an ordinary breeder of game cocks, with no veterinary degree or training. I have only 14 years of hands on experience in breeding and raising fighting cocks. I have been reading comments, works and publications of the best among the bests in poultry matters through Engormix. Honestly, I don't know about Eliza. But I am sure Eliza can do wonders for my new business as breeder of fighting cocks in the Philippines. For your information, I just retired from the Philippine Judiciary last January as a Regional Trial Court Judge and I am spending my retirement by devoting my full time in breeding and raising fighting cocks in a five hectare farm in General Santos City. Will somebody please send me literature about Eliza and the Eliza kit, preferably in a layman's form. Also please let me know how I can get hold/buy an Eliza Kit.
Dr. Rama Prasad Chakraborty
7 de octubre de 2015
Please go through Dr.Kulkarnis literature as it speaks your concerns.I welcome if Dr. Kulkarni could intervene and divulge more details through soft copy to everyones mail.My mail address is rp_chakraborty@rediffmail.com. It seems to be prudent to have replication to all fraternity amd valuable readers.
Dr Prasad Kulkarni
13 de octubre de 2015
Thanks everyone for going through article and your comments too. My motto is to improve upon the efficiency as a field veterinarian through such communication media. In such case specially non-pro comments are helpful to guide on leftover line of thinking that one may miss to address. Someone mentioned the different line of thinking that every vet has which I feel is a urge of improvement for deciding better line of action as a diagnostician . So let's agree to disagree for issue based discussions taking it in positive spirit. Here let me accept that there are many microbiological tests that help in diagnosis, confirmation and disease control in poultry other than Elisa and are also helpful but to me Elisa is handy tool. Dear Mr.Lubao, Sorry for the delayed response. In phase outbreaks we need to confirm the primary and secondary or sub-clinical infections to decide line of treatment. Looking at your cited details 5% mortality indicates close to desirable management. Here to explain I foresee two main issues one IBD and the other one respiratory as you narrated. In case of IBD infection, we map maternally derived antibodies by bleeding day old chicks. Depending on these levels, correlating with the half life of MAB we propose the protective plan of immunization with different antigens. The two available vaccines called intermediate and intermediate plus for Gumboro are proposed at 250 and 500 levels of MAB of the population. But this is very tricky exercise as very high heterogenous population(high CV) one may may require 3 vaccines. Depending on variation of MAB's population is divided in groups to plan the proper protection of entire flock. Some times to avoid variation in MAB of chicks flock wise egg setting in hatchery and respective flock placement is suggested. In your case since it is different line of birds you need to confirm the half life practically by doing Elisa. Bringing the uniformity in MAB level of chicks by proper periodic vaccination to PS and accordingly planning the commercial flock vaccination & placement is very much possible using Elisa offering the control to IBD. I have gone through some literatures of Immune complex vaccine producing companies assuring good control over shedding of infective field virus which may also be helpful in your case. But as it's not available here In India I have not seen it practically. If available there you can try this. Nevertheless biosecurity specially terminal disinfection must be to the optimum level for IBD control. Second issue of concern is respiratory and a big topic to cover also needs confirmation of disease before going ahead as every pathogen has different line of control. Seroprofling by Elisa can help confirmation of pathogen. Commonly seen problem is Mycoplasma (many times is at Subclinical level) and once confirmed controlling infection using vaccine or drugs offer fare level of success. At the same time good ND protection and optimum gut health through nutrition is desired. We also can communicate over email you referred for more details. Do admire everyone's attention for the topic.
edgar flores
Al-Watania Poultry
13 de octubre de 2015
Re Mr Lubao concern, I agree that using diagnostic tool like ELISA for assessing our flocks immunity, preventing thereof through timed vaccination. Im concern with the ROI of establishing a laboratory for a business like fighting cocks which has normally less than a thousand in population. I suggest that you find a veterinary laboratory near your place or even in Manila where you can send your blood samples through a fast courier. These labs are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools like ELISA and the expertise of evaluating titers and your situation. you can ask them or they can refer you to an expert to advise you about your situation, eg. programming your vaccination, diagnosis of causes of mortality. In Manila you have NADDL (National Animal Diagnostic Laboratory) just as an example.
Surinder Maini
13 de octubre de 2015
Dear Mr Lubao Like u I have bred a variety of birds including game birds for several years, lot of information I can share with you, I was involved in Elisa screening of pureline birds, trained at Shavers Poultry Breeding Farms in Canada, u can contact me on my mail ID: skmaini@yahoo.com Information about Breeding and their health, disease control and management I can help you, its all free you don't even have to say thanks if it helps you.
Dr. Rama Prasad Chakraborty
13 de octubre de 2015
Bravo I appreciate your proactiveness to help others Mr.Maini and people should explore and exploit same.
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