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Alok Singh
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Excellent information from all the contributors. Dr. Fiodor has mentioned a very important point in heat stress management. Indeed, both the poultry house management (lowering house temperature, managing feeding time, air movement, etc) as well as nutritional adjustment (nutrient density and source of nutrients, inclusion of electrolytes and Vitamin C, etc) plays a vital role in lowering the ...
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To provide some more insights in this interesting discussion around protease: CIBENZA® DP100 enzyme feed additive works well in combination with other feed enzymes like phytase, even in super-dosing conditions. A trial in 2016 was completed (Gonzalez-Esquerra, et. al.) where the cumulative effect of the specific actions of protease and phytase resulted in the betterment of animal performance. A ...
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October 14, 2014
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