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Dear Dr. Dunkley Not sure if Mortality Compost would have in impact on AA content, still, based on the feedback from this forum, we will run trials with the same beans grown in same geographical area (South east Mexico) on top soil resulting from CAFO´S Organic Matter Compost and then test the AA content and digestibility. We will gladly share the results. We have developed new Fields either for ...
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Dear Claudia and Justin We are a Company in Austin that pursues similar goals on this Article. Currently we are developing protocols for mortality and litter disposal to use as compost to build top soil on nutrients depleted agriculture fields in Southeast Mexico. The goal is to use those fields to grow organic soybeans. Any input and recommendation from you all will be more than welcome. Great re ...
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Over the past several years, organic poultry production has been rapidly expanding (Rogenburg et al., 2008). This alternative to conventionally produced poultry meets consumers’ expectations for healthier animal protein sources (ATTRA, 2010). According to standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program, to be certified “organic poultry,” birds ...
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AGRANCO CORP USA is currently working in Nigeria on a environmental project with NGO´s.We manufacture Mycotoxins binders that have been proved successful all over the world to solve Mycotoxins problems in animal
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Dr. Mamode, Dr. Adjero and Dr. Jimoh, Thank you for discussing these issues regadrding mycotoxins and other related factors that affect proper animal development. We and other companies have mycotoxins adsorbents, that to a larger or lesser degree, are effective in mitigating this problem. However, it is our experience that end users:1. Do not want to spend the money to treat their feed until the ...
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